The Elephant Beetle in the Room: An Advanced Financial Attack Leveraging SAP Vulnerabilities

Cyber Tech Talk Series

April 1, 2022

The Elephant Beetle Is Still A Threat


Learn how SAP vulnerabilities were exploited to drain millions of dollars from major financial organizations by an advanced threat group dubbed ‘Elephant Beetle’. In this session we discuss their modus operandi, provide actionable guidelines on how to bolster SAP security processes and how to defeat attacks of this nature in case of a breach. This session provides: 

  • Review of the attack trends & threat landscape in 2022
  • Deep dive into a specific case study of an “Elephant Beetle” attack and Incident Response
  • Key actions you can take to prepare your organization and defeat such attacks
  • Top resources to help support your security effort

About Sygnia & Onapsis

The teams from Onapsis Research Labs and Sygnia Incident Response have been tracking, identifying, and defending against growing threats to business-critical applications. Recently, Sygnia uncovered an organized financial-theft operation leveraging SAP Vulnerabilities. Their tactics, techniques, and procedures echo the trends that The Onapsis Research Labs has observed. Join Onapsis security experts and Sygnia Incident Response industry leaders as we discuss key security tactics the modern enterprise needs to to protect your business.

Together, we’ll review findings from the researchers from Sygnia’s Incident Response team and discuss how these findings affect the applications at the core of your business. You will emerge with a security strategy for your business that extends to and protects your most sensitive—and vulnerable—enterprise resources. 

Sygnia is a cyber services company that provides strategic consulting and incident response support to leading organizations worldwide, including Fortune 100 companies. As a trusted advisor to technology and security teams, management, and boards, Sygnia works with companies to proactively build their cyber resilience and respond and defeat attacks within their networks. To learn more, go to: www.sygnia.co


Amir Becker

VP Incident Response at Sygnia
Amir has over 25 years of experience in cyber operations, threat intelligence and diplomacy. Before joining Sygnia, Amir headed the Cyber Operations Division (Colonel) at Unit 8200, IDF’s elite cyber unit. Prior to that, Amir served as the first Cyber Attaché to the U.S. at the Israeli Embassy in Washington D.C. Amir has vast experience in leading large scale cyber programs that have pushed and at times, defined, the boundaries of cyberspace and won national security awards.

Yotam Meitar

Incident Response Manager at Sygnia
Yotam is an experienced cyber security and intelligence expert, with extensive experience managing complex cyber operations and investigations. Before joining Sygnia, Yotam served in Unit 8200, the elite IDF cyber and intelligence unit, where he held research and command positions. As Incident Response Manager at Sygnia, Yotam leads teams of top experts assisting organizations in responding to and defeating the most sophisticated attacks. 

JP Perez-Etchegoyen

Chief Technology Officer at Onapsis
As CTO, JP leads the innovation team that keeps Onapsis on the cutting edge of the Business-Critical Application Security market, addressing some of the most complex problems that organizations are currently facing while managing and securing their ERP landscapes. JP helps manage the development of new products as well as support the ERP cybersecurity research efforts that have garnered critical acclaim for the Onapsis Research Labs.

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