At Onapsis, we’re not only solution leaders—we’re also thought leaders. Here you’ll find a growing library of materials to help you build your cyber resilience strategy. The more light we can shed on business-critical application security and compliance, the better you can drive your business forward, confidently.

Aberdeen Onapsis Protecting Your Mission-Critical App: How to (Properly) Understand Your Risks

Mission-critical applications such as ERP, Financial Management, HCM, CRM, PLM, and SCM are essential for achieving your organization’s strategic objectives—which is why you should focus on the associated risks and costs of security, privacy, and regulatory compliance.

To evaluate and quantify the value of solutions that are designed to help manage your risks and reduce your operational costs, start by establishing a proper understanding of risk.

Watch this webinar to learn how to protect your mission-critical applications by:

  • Enabling the business value

  • Focusing on the risk and costs related to security, privacy and regulatory compliance

  • Establish a proper understanding of risk

  • Evaluate and quantify the value of solutions designed to help manage risk and reduce operational costs

You will also be able to download a knowledge brief to learn about how Best-in-Class companies utilize the dual role of contemporary IT and Security professionals in order to make strategic decisions to meet business objectives.

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Eliminate resource consuming manual audit processes

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Reduce vulnerabilities and misconfiguration to protect the business

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