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Onapsis Health Check Service: Maximize Onapsis Product Performance Align Product Usage With Business Needs



Under-Resourced IT Teams Urgently Need To Scale Products That Protect Business-Critical Applications

Business-critical applications are the lifeblood of an organization, and an attack against any of them has the potential for a devastating impact across the entire organization. That’s why more than 20% of the Fortune 100 choose to partner with Onapsis to solve the challenges of vulnerability management, threat monitoring, and application security testing for their business-critical applications.While easy to get up and running, sometimes resource-starved teams need help accelerating their ROI with our technology. With so many competing transformation projects and the increasing pace of business, many IT, security, and ERP teams lack the time, resources, or knowledge to truly maximize the value of these deployed solutions.

71% of IT leaders admit most security tools are underutilized 1
62% of organizations report their security teams are inadequately staffed 2


The Onapsis Professional Services team delivers Health Check Services for products across the Onapsis Platform to help customers best align their product usage to suit their current business environment and resolve both their short-term and longer-term needs. Our experts begin the service by administering a comprehensive technical survey in order to capture the details of product usage in your environment, as well as outline and understand your operational goals. Our experts dig deep to understand how your team is using the Onapsis products and how to better incorporate Onapsis technology and threat intelligence into their day-to-day processes. Our team then evaluates how the product is running in your environment by performing a point-in-time scan for validation of the security rules and checks that are operational in your environment. The output of the scan is compared with the survey and used to create a detailed gap analysis with recommendations and best practices. A read out at our workshop tailored for your team then details the findings. The personalized workshop ensures complete understanding of, and team alignment with, the findings as well as planning on how to successfully implement the plan that will be shared with your internal teams. These personalized recommendations may also include how to best align with existing tools and processes currently in use, such as information technology service management tools (ITSM) or existing vulnerability and patch management teams and workflows.

Identify and Understand Risk 

Ensure Comprehensive and Effective Scanning
Make sure that you’re scanning all key business assets for the threats you care about most  

Enable Faster Time To Mitigation
Ensure your most critical vulnerabilities are being prioritized and resolved

Accelerate Your Organization’s Teamwork 
Decrease time to remediation by ensuring workflows and ITSM tools are properly configured 

Onapsis Defend Health Check Service 

Gain Peace of Mind with The Latest Threat Intelligence
Make sure your current and future security rules and checks are being continuously updated  

Personalize Your Event Monitoring
Ensure you have created customized rules tailored to your environment 

Shrink Your Time for Incident Identification
Prioritize identification and investigation of critical ERP incidents to your business 

Onapsis Control Health Check Service

Test Your Code More Thoroughly
Ensure that new code development is checked against the most up-to-date test cases for vulnerabilities  

Rank Your Code Vulnerabilities More Effectively
Gain visibility into and prioritize the most critical code vulnerabilities, and accelerate your development cycles  

Accelerate Development Team Productivity
Understand code status and prioritize development team actions accordingly


1 IIDG MarketPulse Research: 2021 Impacts of IT Security Tech Sprawl
2 IBM Security Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022

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