Volume II: SAP Knowledge Management - The Risks of Sharing

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SAP Knowledge Management (SAP KM) is a central component of the SAP Enterprise Portal, enabling the information extracted from numerous data sources within the Organization to be displayed in a single access point.

Employees, customers, vendors and business partners use this platform to interact with data provided by the company in order to fulfill their different business requirements. The business information available in SAP KM, can be highly sensitive and unauthorized access and/or manipulation of data could imply high risks for any company.

Our experience in this field indicates that due to lack of proper access-control implementations, combined with default and permissive policies, many organizations are exposing sensitive information through SAP Enterprise Portal to unauthorized parties.

This volume analyzes in detail some of the risks that affect the security of SAP Knowledge Management and presents possible solutions mitigate those risks, allowing you to increase the security level of your SAP Enterprise Portal installation.

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