Proving business-critical application security not only takes next-level solutions, it also takes thought leadership. Here you'll find a growing library of materials to help you build your business-critical application security strategy and drive your company forward, confidently.


Le paysage des menaces se transforme : mieux comprendre comment protéger les applications critiques SAP contre les menaces

Les applications SAP hébergent les informations clients, ventes, finances, les produits, les services, les informations sur les employés et les secrets commerciaux - et les pirates informatiques s’intéressent à ces applications. Le groupe Elephant Beetle a exploité, entre autres, deux vulnérabilités SAP et ainsi voler des millions de dollars à des organisations financières.


ICMAD SAP Cybersecurity Vulnerabilities

Who Is at Risk & How to Protect Your Business-Critical SAP Applications. SAP CISO and Onapsis CEO deliver an executive webinar, sharing new threat intelligence about SAP vulnerabilities impacting Internet Communication Manager (ICM). Apply security patches to protect SAP applications and improve SAP security posture.


Cyber Tech Talk Series - Transformation Takeaways: 4 Learnings From Industry Leaders

Many organizations have correctly realized that security needs to be considered from the start of major digital transformation projects, and have started including security leaders in project planning and execution. However, most security leaders lack the visibility and/or understanding of SAP they need to effectively measure risk and enforce security baselines for the project. Hear from key industry leaders on the importance of SAP security and how to eliminate this blindspot so security leaders can understand risk and respond accordingly.


Utilities OG&E: Fireside Chat

Hear from Oklahoma’s largest electric utility, Oklahoma Gas & Electric Company (OGE Energy Corp), on how they have approached their security holistically, taking familiar security best practices and implementing them at both the OT & IT level.


Cyber Tech Talk Series - CIO Insights: 4 Focus Areas for 2022

Better understand the executive- and board-level conversations happening around business-critical application security and program blind spots. What are your CIO peers focusing on in 2022? What can CISOs, infosec leaders, and application owners do to support the office of the CIO?


Secure What Matters: Insights on Protecting Your Business-Critical Applications

There’s a hole in your defense-in-depth security models - the application layer. Traditional vulnerability management solutions don’t provide deep (or any!) coverage for business-critical applications from SAP, Oracle, and SaaS vendors, leaving organizations at risk of attack from threat actors. If this hole isn’t patched and vulnerabilities are not efficiently addressed, it can lead to application downtime or performance degradation - or worse - production downtime and significant revenue loss.

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