Proving business-critical application security not only takes next-level solutions, it also takes thought leadership. Here you'll find a growing library of materials to help you build your business-critical application security strategy and drive your company forward, confidently.

Case Study

European Technology Trading Group

A leading European technology trading group mitigates SAP Cyber security risks with managed service from our partner 1DigitalTrust.


SAP S/4HANA Security: Build In. Bolt On.

Onapsis provides you the speed you need to stop breaches. Align the right stakeholders with the right visibility, assessment capabilities, and context so you can move quickly and more effectively respond to issues before negative consequences impact your business.


Onapsis and SAP Partner to Secure Business

Did you know that Onapsis is SAP’s chosen partner for cybersecurity in business-crucial SAP applications? Hear directly from SAP on how we’re proactively working together to protect the global economy. 


Le paysage des menaces se transforme : mieux comprendre comment protéger les applications critiques SAP contre les menaces

Les applications SAP hébergent les informations clients, ventes, finances, les produits, les services, les informations sur les employés et les secrets commerciaux - et les pirates informatiques s’intéressent à ces applications. Le groupe Elephant Beetle a exploité, entre autres, deux vulnérabilités SAP et ainsi voler des millions de dollars à des organisations financières.

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