SAP & Onapsis Webinar: How to Secure Your SAP Applications Against Modern Ransomware

Proving business-critical application security not only takes next-level solutions, it also takes thought leadership. Here you'll find a growing library of materials to help you build your business-critical application security strategy and drive your company forward, confidently.


Cyber Tech Talk Series - CIO Insights: 4 Focus Areas for 2022

Better understand the executive- and board-level conversations happening around business-critical application security and program blind spots. What are your CIO peers focusing on in 2022? What can CISOs, infosec leaders, and application owners do to support the office of the CIO?


Secure What Matters: Insights on Protecting Your Business-Critical Applications

There’s a hole in your defense-in-depth security models - the application layer. Traditional vulnerability management solutions don’t provide deep (or any!) coverage for business-critical applications from SAP, Oracle, and SaaS vendors, leaving organizations at risk of attack from threat actors. If this hole isn’t patched and vulnerabilities are not efficiently addressed, it can lead to application downtime or performance degradation - or worse - production downtime and significant revenue loss.


Executive Panel: The CISOs Role as a Leader in Digital Transformation

Digital transformations promise efficiencies, customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities, but they also vastly expand a company’s risk surface across new cloud, mobile applications and next-generation database technologies. CISOs must adapt their organizations to this new attack surface, or face the consequences. 


DevSecOps for SAP S/4HANA Migrations

SAP S/4HANA migration projects are a huge undertaking involving your organization’s most mission-critical applications. Your business relies on these applications to function, so ensuring they stay secure, compliant, and available throughout migration and beyond is absolutely critical.

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