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Onapsis Unveils New Enhancements to Its AI-Driven Security Advisor and Broader Platform, Advancing Greater SAP Visibility and Attack Surface Management

New features offer an enhanced approach for addressing the expanding SAP threat landscape, backed by proprietary data from hundreds of SAP customers and 14 years of security best practices and threat research 

Boston, MA – November 8, 2023 Onapsis, the market leader in business application security and compliance, today unveiled a range of pivotal advancements to the Onapsis Platform, catering to cloud, hybrid, and on-premise solutions. The standout updates spotlight the Onapsis Security Advisor, which now boasts enhanced artificial intelligence (AI) engines that facilitate dynamic industry peer comparisons against hundreds of the world’s leading SAP customers. This empowers CISOs and CIOs to benchmark their security initiatives, monitor progress, and deliver confident reports to their leadership and board. Additionally, the company has fortified its capabilities in boosting visibility into the SAP landscape, extending its support for SAP BTP, S/4HANA, and RISE with SAP, and simplifying customization processes for a more efficient and accelerated time to value. 

“As the pioneer in the industry for over 14 years and the only SAP cybersecurity solution endorsed by SAP itself, Onapsis continues to set new industry standards that drive innovation,” said Mariano Nunez, CEO and co-founder of Onapsis. “We remain committed to delivering a customer-centric approach that enables organizations to fortify their most critical systems in an evolving threat landscape. Our depth of data from hundreds of the world’s leading SAP customers, threat intelligence capabilities, and ability to operate at a larger scale and scope than any other vendor in our space, truly sets us apart and continues to solidify our position as the market leader.” 

In an era of accelerated digital transformation and cloud migrations, the SAP attack surface is expanding at an alarming rate, leaving businesses more vulnerable to cyber threats. At the same time, threat actors are accelerating their profitable ransomware attacks on critical IT infrastructure now including ERP systems, making timely protection an imperative. However, Chief Information Security Officers (CISOs) and Chief Information Officers (CIOs) are currently grappling with the monumental task of safeguarding their core systems and maintaining availability, integrity, and confidentiality of their critical systems amidst budget constraints, limited resources, and increased regulation from government agencies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).  Onapsis recognizes these challenges and stands ready to equip organizations with everything they need to secure their SAP environments more efficiently and cost-effectively. 

Key enhancements and additions include: 

  • Onapsis Security Advisor: Enhanced AI engines now offer dynamic industry peer comparisons, enabling CISOs and CIOs to benchmark their security efforts, track progress, and report to their leadership and board with confidence against hundreds of the world’s leading SAP customers.
  • Enhanced Support for SAP BTP, S/4HANA, and RISE with SAP: As the only SAP Endorsed App partner dedicated to securing Cloud ERP, Onapsis introduces enhanced code development and testing features to analyze and automate code fixes during development in SAP BTP and automate code fixes for the most common code errors with its One-Click Fix feature. 
  • Increased SAP Attack Surface Visibility: Enhanced scanning capabilities to provide deeper and more contextual insights into your SAP landscape, including potential threat actor ingress points like SAProuter. 
  • Accelerated Deployment Models: Centralized policy updates, foundational enhancements, and updates to our SaaS platform get your teams scanning for threats faster than ever before. 
  • Critical Threat Information: The Threat Intel Center now delivers more timely content from the Onapsis Research Labs, including comprehensive views of vulnerabilities, attack chains, and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of ERP threat actors. The Network Detection Rule Pack also gets an upgrade, offering advanced, vendor-agnostic threat intelligence rules consumable by any network security product or appliance. 
  • Expanded Customization Engines: Customize incident profiles and policies, utilizing AI anomaly scores to detect and respond to suspicious behaviors that are unique to organizations. 

Continuing its momentum in 2023, Onapsis builds on previously introduced product innovations, its market-leading threat intelligence capabilities and output, its strong partnership with SAP as the only cybersecurity and compliance application in the SAP Endorsed Apps program, and impactful results in partnership with our partners and customers to further strengthen its position as the only ERP application security vendor able to provide organizations with the technology, insights, and support they need to stay miles ahead of adversaries and in full compliance.

“We’ve always appreciated our long-standing partnership with Onapsis. Their innovative solutions have been a critical part of our overall SAP security strategy, ensuring the continuity of our business operations while helping us stay multiple steps ahead of evolving threats,” said Tim Bilali, Vice President Global Head of Applications of Interpublic Group. “It’s not just about securing data; it’s about safeguarding our business at its core. And Onapsis is a trusted partner for us in that mission.” 

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About Onapsis 

Onapsis protects the business applications that run the global economy. The Onapsis Platform delivers vulnerability management, change assurance, and continuous compliance for business applications from leading vendors such as SAP, Oracle, and others. The Onapsis Platform is powered by the Onapsis Research Labs, the team responsible for the discovery and mitigation of more than 1,000 zero-day vulnerabilities in business applications. 

Onapsis is headquartered in Boston, MA, with offices in Heidelberg, Germany and Buenos Aires, Argentina, and proudly serves hundreds of the world’s leading brands, including close to 30% of the Forbes Global 100, six of the top 10 automotive companies, five of the top 10 chemical companies, four of the top 10 technology companies, and three of the top 10 oil and gas companies. 

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