P4CHAINS Vulnerabilities

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Onapsis Research Labs has continued our close working relationship with SAP and their Product Security Research Team (PSRT) as we helped investigate and remediate a family of vulnerabilities in SAP business applications. The SAP PSRT response has been rapid and comprehensive, demonstrating their continued commitment to protecting all SAP customers in partnership with Onapsis.

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Pablo Artuso from Onapsis Research Labs unpacks the P4CHAINS family of vulnerabilities in this on-demand threat breifing.

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Where the Risk from the Whole Is Greater than the Sum of Its Parts

Read the blog from Onapsis CTO & Head of Onapsis Research Labs

P4CHAINS: Unpacking the Impact of Vulnerabilities Affecting SAP P4

Onapsis Lead Security Researcher Pablo Artuso's research, supported by Sr. Security Researcher Yvan Genuer, over the few months led to the identification of a family of vulnerabilities dubbed 'P4CHAINS.' Read the full threat report to understand:

  • What the P4CHAINS family of vulnerabilities are

  • The potential business impact of exploitation

  • Recommendations to protect your business-critical SAP systems 

  • New research into the elevated impact of chaining


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