Onapsis protects the applications powering your business, providing the visibility you need to continuously monitor, assess and mitigate risk.

The Onapsis Platform is the only solution to enable cybersecurity, compliance, and DevSecOps for these essential applications. From on-premises to cloud or hybrid environments, Onapsis prevents cyberattacks, compliance issues and unplanned downtime that can impact your business. We help you address these issues early and continuously so you can accelerate key digital transformation initiatives that your business depends upon, even as threats continue to increase.

We have partnered with Optiv to ensure we secure what matters most. Together we are helping the cybersecurity community reduce enterprise risk.

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Digital Commerce

Sales Processes

Customer Services

Business Intelligence

HR and Personal Data

Secure your business-critical SAP, Oracle, and SaaS apps

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Our strategic partnership with Optiv delivers best-in-class protection for the business-critical SAP, Oracle, and Salesforce applications that power your business.

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The CISOs Role As A Leader In Digital Transformation

Digital transformations promise efficiencies, customer satisfaction and new revenue opportunities, but they also vastly expand a company’s risk surface across new cloud, mobile applications and next-generation database technologies. CISOs must adapt their organizations to this new attack surface, or face the consequences.

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Hear from Top Cyber Exon the risk posed by new digital transformation attack vectors and how a CISO can help protect from bad actors seeking to target and compromise their organization through unprotected applications. Our speakers will leverage cutting edge research to demonstrate how the attack surface has expanded, as well as provide practical advice on how to close the risk gap.

  • Mariano Nunez | Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder | Onapsis

  • Dave DeWalt | Founder & Managing Director | NightDragon

  • Kevin Lynch | Chief Executive Officer  | Optiv

  • Bill YoungModerator: Vice President Threat Management | Optiv

  • Steve Zalewski | Former Chief Information Security Officer | Levi Strauss & Co.

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