SAP® Security Through Integrated Transport Controls

The transport system is used in SAP landscapes to import updates and new developments and to install third-party applications. Such transports make it easy to attack otherwise well-secured SAP systems.


TransportProfiler offers protection against malicious attacks through automated functionality, which can be fully integrated. It enables transparency in SAP application change management, and enhances security and quality in development and customizing processes.

Third-party transports can be checked before importing, without having to import them into an SAP system. This strengthens SAP security by ensuring that only error-free transports enter your system landscape.

  • Automated Security Audits
  • Ensures Business Continuity
  • Early Hazard Containment
  • Automatically detects errors and inconsistencies in transports
  • Prevents manipulation of data and authorizations
  • Checks security and quality of third-party software
  • Prevents unauthorized export of confidential data
  • Seamlessly integrates into transport management

Code and Transport Security as a Service

In addition to the classic on-premises solution, you can examine Transports and ABAP code quickly and easily in the Virtual Forge Security Suite as a Service.

  • Checks Transports and ABAP code of in-house developments and third-party vendors
  • Instant reporting on vulnerabilities with detailed criticality assessments
  • Highest encryption standards
  • No installation required
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