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More and more organizations are taking their business-critical applications to the cloud, including those that support supply chains, human resources functions, manufacturing processes, and customer relationship management. While these SaaS applications, like Salesforce, include built-in security features, they lack the depth and breadth of insight you need to address and avoid all types of risk to these critical processes.

Only Onapsis helps you identify security and compliance issues - like misconfigurations and overly permissive authorizations - within Salesforce applications. You also gain visibility into their interconnections with other applications and how that can introduce risk to your most critical systems. 

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Keep Salesforce Secure and Compliant with Onapsis

Onapsis identifies critical issues in your Salesforce setup and provides visibility and insights to your Salesforce developers and administrators about how to minimize risk of data breach, fraud or loss of company confidential information.

Enforce Best Practices

Understand best practices configuration of Salesforce applications and gain visibility into adherence

View Application Interconnections 

Map Salesforce to your critical business processes and understand risk within interconnected systems

Automate Compliance Processes

Streamline and automate the process of defining and verifying compliance controls

Monitor for Threats 

Receive alerts on unauthorized use, improper transactions and contextual attacks

The Onapsis Platform for Salesforce

The Onapsis Platform for Salesforce delivers actionable insight into your Salesforce environment and its interconnections so your IT operations, security and audit and compliance teams can quickly and easily discover, assess, prioritize and eliminate vulnerabilities caused by application misconfigurations. Onapsis provides: 

  • A platform that can assess and monitor all of your Salesforce organizations for misconfigurations, overly privileged users, misuse and cyber threats
  • In-depth application checks and monitoring rules around the most risky system configurations, data-sharing rules, permissions, permission sets and profiles
  • Expert in-product guidance around what misconfiguration or overly permissive authorizations could mean to the business 
  • Customizable policies map to common security and compliance standards like NIST, SOX, GDPR, CCPA and many more
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Top Cybersecurity and Compliance Tips for Salesforce

In this webinar, we will focus on understanding and analyzing cyber risk within the Salesforce and how it affects interconnected business processes. We will give you insights on best practices to identify cybersecurity and compliance issues for Salesforce so your core business applications and sensitive data are protected and meet  relevant compliance regulations.


Key Session Takeaways:

  • Overview of security and compliance risk for Salesforce and its interconnections with other mission-critical applications

  • Salesforce security and compliance best practices and baselines

  • Automation as key for audit and compliance reporting tasks

  • Monitoring of critical and potentially malicious activity in production

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