The change management process for SAP cannot exist without transports, but left unchecked, they can introduce harmful or incorrectly configured content that puts system security, compliance, and stability at risk.  

Onapsis Control for Transports minimizes this risk by inspecting all transports (including third-party) before release and import. This helps you avoid import errors, business outages, downgrades, security vulnerabilities and compliance violations.

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Change Assurance for Business-critical SAP Applications

Onapsis Control for Transports supports a DevSecOps approach where transport objects are continually inspected and monitored as they pass from development environments, through QA, and, ultimately, to production systems. Transports are checked for security, completeness, and compatibility with the selected target systems.

Identify & Block

In-house and third-party transports are inspected before release or import and will halt the process if issues are identified

Prevent Errors & Outages

Target system release simulations identify import errors and changes that negatively impact availability, preventing unexpected downtime and unintentional downgrades

Streamline Remediation

Identified issues are tagged with severity, business impact and steps to fix

Automated transport inspection lifts the burden of a manual review process

Reduction of
unexpected outages

Visibility into third-party transports without importing into SAP

Saved per system per year by eliminating import errors in production

Identify and Prevent Changes that Cause Downtime, Import Errors, Downgrades and Critical Security or Compliance Issues 

Transports are inspected at both export and import, and from multiple angles, including security, compliance, robustness, maintainability, and data loss prevention. All transports marked for import are analyzed together to identify potential missing objects as well as any expected downgrades.


Key Features of Onapsis Control for Transports

  • Automatically inspects and validates transport contents before import and export 
  • Provides actionable remediation guidance for each issue
  • Prevents the manipulation of data, authorizations and applications
  • Scans third-party transports before importing to your SAP instances
  • Works seamlessly into the SAP DevSecOps cycle with integrations into change management and transport management systems, e.g. SAP ChaRM and TMS

Run on the Onapsis Platform

Onapsis provides a suite of products, built on the Onapsis Platform, to support security, compliance, threat detection, secure application development, and change management. 

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