Operationalizing SAP Cybersecurity


SAP applications are targets of a new breed of breaches that are stealthy and easy to execute. The impact on an organization can result in financial fraud, sabotage or economic espionage.  As threats will undeniably continue to become more widespread, it is critical that SAP cybersecurity processes become operationalized throughout an organization.

In January 2016, Scott Crawford, Research Director, Information Security of 451 Research and Troy Grubb, Manager, Information Security, Governance Risk and Compliance - CISSP, The Hershey's Company hosted a live webcast to discuss best practices on operationalizing SAP security.

By viewing this webcast, you will learn:
  • Best practices for SAP Cybersecurity designed for the CISO
  • How to align Infosec, SAP BASIS, and SAP Security teams to operationalize SAP Cybersecurity processes within an organization
  • Training recommendations and team structure
  • Detection methods and response processes