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Increased cloud adoption and lack of visibility into your SAP landscape in the heavy manufacturing sector has made ERP security a must have, not a nice to have.

But, securing SAP and Oracle business applications while prioritizing threats that need to be addressed now can be complicated as Onapsis CEO and Co-founder, Mariano Nunez, explains in this video.

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That is where Onapsis can help – the market leader for ERP security – securing nearly 30% of the global Forbes 100.

Onapsis offers an ERP Application Security platform that provides visibility into all vulnerabilities across the SAP landscape – legacy, on premises, or cloud-- with focused threat intelligence and pre-patch protection against zero-day threats. Let us show you the better way to keep systems protected, prioritize insights and business recommendations, to save time in remediating and mitigating risk across the connected supply chain.

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Our heavy manufacturing clients struggled with these cybersecurity challenges before partnering with Onapsis:

Accelerated demand for digital transformation

Accelerated demand for digital transformation and digitized supply chains to enable fast response to changes in demand and supply as well as outcome-based delivery

Business continuity challenges

Business continuity challenges, keeping critical ERP and supply chain
systems up and running

Supporting corporate
audits (e.g., SOX)

Limited visibility into and protection of the data within the systems supporting digital supply chains and other business-critical operations

Securing data across disparate systems

Securing data across
disparate systems

support digital supply chains

Cybersecurity staffing shortages and lack of experience with systems that support digital supply chains

Our heavy manufacturing customers are now able to:


Meet transformation project timelines and budgets




Confidently and accurately report on business risk, particularly with regards to supply chain, to C-Suite and Board of Directors



Ensure resiliency and integrity of ERP and supply chain systems and data (for example: employee PII, company IP) to support product safety



Eliminate security as a potential reason for outages or delays in the supply chain and ability to deliver goods to customers



Avoid compliance failures or audit findings (for example: SOX)



Avoid loss or breach of sensitive IP or employee PII, which would could result in financial loss due to reputation damage, compliance violation, or competition learning trade secrets


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of investigation time saved per week by automating vulnerability scans and receiving actionable details for each finding

ahead of schedule digital transformation project completed

reduction in remediation time for SAP vulnerabilities

decrease in time spent preparing for compliance audits (1000 hours to 12 hours per audit period)

This manufacturer needed a cybersecurity program that included security to strengthen the resiliency of its SAP systems.
Automobile Manufacturer
Case Study

This large automobile manufacturer worked with Onapsis to expand their cybersecurity program to include SAP systems and ensure they were optimized to stay secure and online.

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ERP Security for Heavy and Discrete Manufacturing
Solution Brief: ERP Security for Heavy and Discrete Manufacturing

Cyber attacks targeting critical ERP, product innovation, and supply chain applications within the heavy and discrete manufacturing industry can have far-reaching financial and reputational impacts

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