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Securing highly customized SAP applications can be a challenge for many healthcare organizations.
That is why SAP security is a must have from the start.

Mariano Nunez, Co-founder and CEO of Onapsis, explains why in this video:

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That is where Onapsis can help – the market leader for ERP security – securing nearly 30% of the global Forbes 100.

Onapsis provides your team with visibility into all SAP systems and prioritized insights into vulnerabilities across your connected, complex SAP landscape. We can help accelerate mitigation or remediation of risk; offer pre-patch protection against zero-day threats to protect critical systems from attack; secure new custom code; and easily audit reporting to demonstrate compliance. 

Unlike native SAP tools that don't secure the application layer and lack true threat intelligence, Onapsis secures your critical SAP applications and protects them based on the impactful threat intelligence and insights from the Onapsis Research Labs.

Our healthcare clients struggled with these challenges before partnering with Onapsis:

Accelerated demand for digital transformation

Accelerated demand for digital transformation, including: remote trials and patient portals, and digitized supply chains to enable fast response to changes in demand and supply

Business continuity challenges

Business continuity–keeping critical ERP, R&D, clinical trial, and supply chain systems up and running

Expanded digital care solutions that bring new data privacy and compliance needs

Limited visibility into and protection of the data within the systems supporting ERP, R&D, and digital supply chains

Securing data across disparate systems

Securing data across many disparate systems

support digital supply chains

Cybersecurity staffing shortages and lack of experience with systems that support R&D and digital supply chains

Our healthcare industry customers are now able to:


ERP application and code protection before, during, and after an S/4HANA, SAP RISE, or cloud migration


Secure, bug-free SAP code from digitization projects


Visibility into both on-premises, cloud, and hybrid ERP applications, with connection into the SOC stack and processes


Continuous and point-in-time visibility into connected ERP applications and assets to understand the most critical risks

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decrease in time spent preparing for compliance audits (1000 hours to 12 hours per audit period)

ahead of schedule digital transformation project completed

of investigation time saved per week by automating vulnerability scans and receiving actionable details for each finding

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