Insights from Dow Chemical for a Proactive Approach to ERP Security


Digital transformation is necessary to meet your goals around product innovation, sustainability, and faster response to evolving customer needs. But, with digitalization comes greater interconnectivity and exposure, creating a larger attack surface for your business-critical applications and putting your IP and supply chains at risk. 

With cybersecurity attacks increasing for political and financial gains, chemical companies are a prime target. Join our quick 15 minute session on how to better manage your SAP attack surface and reduce risk throughout the digital transformation process. We’ll include real world insights from your peers at Dow Chemical, whose proactive approach to ERP security supports business continuity and the integrity of their end products.

In this session you will learn more about:

  • The impact of digital transformation on SAP risk and attack surface
  • Best practices for managing your SAP attack surface throughout transformation and after
  • How your peers at Dow Chemical have successfully created an application security program for SAP