Let Onapsis Show You A Better Approach To ERP Security


ERP Security--it’s more than just a single vulnerability or missing one critical patch. It’s about sophisticated threat actors chaining multiple, forgotten vulnerabilities on vulnerable, connected systems that security teams don’t see. It’s about protecting more complex ERP landscapes that are being transformed and modernized in the cloud, where the speed of projects makes security a frequent afterthought. The consequences? Massive business outages, disruptions, data breaches, and significant financial loss. 

Yes, ERP landscapes are complex, but securing them doesn’t have to be complicated. Onapsis knows this all too well.

As THE experts in business application security (and the only one with a dedicated threat intelligence research team), Onapsis has fought on the front lines for over a decade. We are the most prolific and most celebrated contributor of threat research for ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle, and we see it all through the world’s largest ERP system honeypot network–our Threat Intelligence Cloud. This allows us to advise our clients as well as CISA and other world security agencies on elevated threat activity that requires focused attention.

Let Onapsis show you a better approach to ERP security and help you:

  • Operationalize the most impactful and timely ERP threat intelligence in the world to better protect your ERP attack surface
  • Eliminate the complexity from securing ERP landscapes with the deeper visibility and greater extensibility that only Onapsis can provide
  • Elevate and empower your people to make better decisions with the right insights and knowledge