How prepared are you to deal with an unfolding security event in your ERP systems?

Test the skills you have and learn the skills you need at the IBM X-Force Command Center cyber range.

Date: Wednesday, October 16th
Time: 2:00 - 5:30 pm followed by Happy Hour
Location: 75 Binney Street, Cambridge, MA

Join us on October 16th for the first-ever ERP day at the IBM X-Force Command Center Cyber Range as you experience a real-time simulation of a security event and learn where many organizations struggle to communicate and coordinate an effective response plan.

What is the IBM X-Force Command Center Cyber Range?

The world’s only full-scale, air-gapped cyber range that can accommodate your entire incident command staff and fusion team. Experience immersive simulations directed by an elite training force.

Why attend IBM Security Cyber Range ERP Day?

Business applications such as ERP, CRM, PLM, HCM, SCM and BI are the engines that drive the world’s economy. It’s critical that these applications are stable, compliant with regulations and secure against internal and external cyber threats. This need is becoming even more urgent with the U.S. DHS releasing its third US-CERT alert warning organizations of the rise in attacks targeting these systems. Additionally, digital transformation projects and cloud migration put increased focus on security as organizations are starting their migration process.

Because of this growing threat, IBM’s X-Force Command Center and Onapsis have partnered to offer a Cyber Range experience dedicated to critical ERP applications. Focused on real-world threats and scenarios targeting these business applications, attendees will:

  • Test their team in a crisis involving their most critical systems
  • Evaluate their current response plans
  • Understand how the 10KBLAZE public exploits could affect applications
  • Get world class training from IBM security experts
  • Learn what similar organizations find successful in protecting ERP applications
  • Understand what can be done to proactively protect these systems