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Secure your mission-critical applications, automate compliance and ensure continuous availability.

A Demo a Day Keeps The Hacker Away

A free virtual discussion designed for SAP BASIS teams, developers and application security architects

Join Onapsis at this year’s virtual SAP TechEd 2021 on November 16-18th! 


Our “Demo A Day” series will feature Onapsis’ SAP custom code and cybersecurity experts sharing best practices for vulnerability management and application security. If you are an SAP developer, SAP BASIS team member or application security architect, you don’t want to miss these three 25-minute deep dive sessions that can save you 25+ hours of manual code and transport review and another dozens of hours in security patch review each month. 

Emerge from these sessions with an automated security knowledge designed specifically for SAP applications that extends to and protects your most sensitive—and vulnerable—enterprise resource. While designed to be sequential, these sessions can also be attended as standalone events. 


Don’t Miss Our Speaking Sessions

Prioritizing Security Patching, Securing Configuration and Authorizations

Date: November 16 at 10:30am

Learn how a vulnerability management solution for your SAP applications can provide in-depth visibility into the entire application landscape, automated assessments with detailed solutions, and descriptions of associated risk and business impact. With Onapsis Asses, InfoSec and IT teams can get aligned with the visibility and context they need to quickly act on vulnerabilities that pose the greatest risk to the business.

Join this live demo to learn the security consequences of SAP system vulnerabilities, misconfigurations and missing patches while optimizing workflows and automating manual tasks to keep your most critical applications secure and compliant.

Find, Fix and Take the Fear Out of Custom Code Review  

Date: November 17 at 10:30am

Replace time-consuming and error-prone manual security reviews with automated application security testing designed for SAP. Eliminating errors in custom code is essential for keeping SAP applications secure and compliant. Unfortunately, traditional application security testing tools don’t cover SAP and manual reviews are time consuming and are very error-prone. 

Automated application security testing for SAP applications, enabling organizations to build security into development processes to find and fix issues as quickly as possible.

RIP: Transport Security 101

Date: November 18 at 10:30am

Release, Import and Pray, otherwise known as “RIP”, can introduce harmful or incorrectly configured transports that puts system security, compliance, and stability at risk. Learn how Onapsis can easily analyze internal or third-party custom code and transports throughout the development lifecycle to identify issues in the shortest possible time and before they can negatively impact system security, compliance, performance, or availability. 

Join us on Day 3 to learn how to minimize risks by inspecting all transports before releasing an import. Say goodbye to import errors, business outages, downgrades, security vulnerabilities and hello to a robust SAP security solution that saves time and money and keeps SAP up-and-running. 

That’s Not It! 

You can now register for SAP TechEd to continue your learning journey and to stay up to date with the latest on SAP products and technology. Meet the experts, connect with other participants and be the first to get updates on future deep dive sessions about topics covered during the event.

Chat with us live and you’ll receive an individually printed t-shirt or tumbler as a thank you. For more information, please contact our experts during SAP TechEd in the booth.