New study co-sponsored by Onapsis:
IDC Executive Brief about Cybersecurity in 2021

Security landscapes between complex threats, agility, and business continuity

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“As digitalization takes hold in all business and value creation processes, scarcely any other issue is more relevant than business continuity, in IDC’s view. Cyber resilience plays an important role – the ability to fend off security threats and, above all, to quickly regain control and resume operations after successful attacks”

Learn more about Cyber Resilience in this Executive Brief

IDC conducted a primary market survey in Germany in September 2021, to explore the challenges enterprises are currently facing in the development and running of security landscapes and the plans they are pursuing to adapt their cyber security to future IT challenges.

We at Onapsis understand the urgency you have in addressing risk in your environment and your concerns about: 

  • Balancing security with business objectives
  • Operational resiliency and efficiency
  • Risk reduction and being compliant

That‘s why we co-sponsored this IDC study! 

This Executive Brief provides you with insights and research directly from your peers.


In this Executive Brief, you will learn about:

Today’s top strategic
security issues

How to tackle current and future security challenges created by the digitization of business

Managing the risk and threats for your
business-critical applications


Get additional insights from our webinar with IDC!

“75% of the security officers surveyed agree that IT security is a significant competitive advantage, protecting the brand by building confidence in it. In IDC’s opinion, trust is a critical resource... “

Security as Business Enabler


Watch the webinar recording to gain insights about how to build a security strategy that protects your organization and helps drive value. Our discussion with an IDC analyst highlights actionable insights from our co-sponsored research.


About the Speakers

Marco Becker | IDC

Marco Becker has been working as a Senior Consultant at IDC since 2019. In this position, he mainly deals with the preparation of studies and the implementation of customer projects, for which he is in contact with both providers and user companies. His main focus is on the topics of (I)IoT, cloud and edge computing, security, storage and networking technologies. Before joining IDC, Marco Becker worked for techconsult for six years as a market analyst with a focus on both medium-sized and enterprise issues. Mr. Becker holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics and a Master of Science in Sustainable Economics from the University of Kassel.

David D'Aprile | Onapsis

As Vice President of Product Marketing, David D’Aprile brings over 20 years of experience in driving disruptive innovation and transformative growth to Onapsis, where he owns global product marketing strategy and initiatives. Prior to joining Onapsis, David built and led the product marketing and brand teams for Cogito Corporation, where he owned go-to-market and strategy for launching market-leading real-time speech artificial intelligence technologies to the market.

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