Cyber Tech Talk Series

How to Build a Risk-Based Vulnerability Management Program That Protects Your Crown Jewels

2022 is here. The threat of ransomware, return to office guidelines, and federal cybersecurity reporting and regulation policies remain evolving, moving targets.


We developed our Cyber Tech Talk Series with these realities and complexities in mind. Block off 25 minutes once a month, to spend with Onapsis security experts and industry leaders as we discuss key security tactics the modern enterprise needs to directly address this new paradigm of interconnected risk and protect your business.

Together, we’ll build the foundations of a risk-based program to protect the critical applications at the core of your business. Whether you are looking for focused and comprehensive information for vulnerability management, threat monitoring, application security testing, or compliance automation –. you will emerge with a security strategy for your business that extends to and protects your most sensitive—and vulnerable—enterprise resources.

Join us for our first session

A Year in Review + A Look Ahead  to 2022.

January 27th at 11:00pm EST

We will discuss  the importance of building an SAP security strategy in the new year as we examine best practices for organizations to level up their security of business-critical applications in 2022.


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