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Critical flaw in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java

Une vulnérabilité découverte dans NetWeaver Application Server Java de SAP permet à un cyberpirate de prendre un contrôle système complet sans authentification. Un correctif à appliquer d'urgence est disponible.
CSO Espana

SAP gap could affect 40,000 users

Esta vulnerabilidad se encuentra en un componente central que reside en la mayoría de las implementaciones predeterminadas de la compañía y que puede explotarse de forma remota sin necesidad de nombre de usuario y contraseña.
InfoSecurity Magazine

CISA: Patch Critical SAP RECON Bug Now

The US government is urging SAP customers to patch a critical vulnerability published earlier this week, which could affect as many as 40,000 customers.

Microsoft, SAP, Adobe and Google release updates for security vulnerabilities

The second Tuesday of each month is best known among security professionals as Patch Tuesday, the day Microsoft Corp. releases patches for security vulnerabilities across its products. This time it’s a party, as SAP SE, Adobe Systems Inc. and Google LLC all addressed security issues today as well.

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