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Spotlight Podcast: As Attacks Mount, ERP Security Still Lags

n this Spotlight podcast* we’re joined by Jason Fruge, the VP of Business Application Cybersecurity at Onapsis to talk about the growing attacks against critical systems like ERP and General Ledger applications by SAP and Oracle. We also talk about why these critical systems often lag on key security measures.

Critical SAP Bug Allows Full Enterprise System Takeover

The Department of Homeland Security recently released an alert for a bug that allows attackers to eventually read and modify financial records, change banking details, read PII, administer purchases, disrupt operations, achieve command execution, and delete or modify files
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Critical flaw in SAP NetWeaver Application Server Java

Une vulnérabilité découverte dans NetWeaver Application Server Java de SAP permet à un cyberpirate de prendre un contrôle système complet sans authentification. Un correctif à appliquer d'urgence est disponible.
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SAP gap could affect 40,000 users

Esta vulnerabilidad se encuentra en un componente central que reside en la mayoría de las implementaciones predeterminadas de la compañía y que puede explotarse de forma remota sin necesidad de nombre de usuario y contraseña.

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