SAP Code and Transport Security Video Series

With Onapsis, organizations using SAP can automatically analyze custom SAP code and inspect transports to ensure only secure, compliant and quality code goes from development into production. To learn more about how to address security, compliance and availability early in the application development lifecycle, watch our four-part SAP Code and Transport video series.

Chapter 1
Code Security for HANA and Fiori

Scanning custom SAP HANA code and custom SAP Fiori web applications in development for security, compliance and quality errors.

Chapter 2
Code Security for ABAP

Scanning custom SAP ABAP code in development for security, compliance and quality errors.


Chapter 3
Transport Security for ABAP

Inspecting SAP Transports for completeness, consistency and security to reduce issues in the production environment.


Chapter 4
Automated Code Correction

Quickly and cost effectively automate the correction of security, compliance and quality errors in SAP ABAP and SAP HANA code.