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Webinar Series: Secure The Core

Webinar Series: Secure The Core

With the cancelation of most physical events, Onapsis is here to help guide you with the information you need to secure your business. While business-critical applications form the core of your operation, they’re also uniquely vulnerable to external threats. Over the next 6 weeks, Onapsis will be holding a weekly webinar series, focused around educational cybersecurity. 

Learn about the risks and how to protect these applications by enhancing your existing cybersecurity strategy. Select one (or all) of the below sessions and register to reserve your spot. Our six sessions include:

SAP Transport Security: Transformation with Less Risk and More Efficiency

If you’re in the middle of a significant digital change project, any changes to your SAP Landscape could introduce security vulnerabilities, putting your entire IT infrastructure at risk. In this session, we’ll cover common types of changes happening in your SAP Landscape and how those might result in security vulnerabilities and decreased productivity. We’ll also explain the cost to organizations to address those security issues see how Onapsis can help to automate many of the manual change review steps to speed up release cycles, reduce cost and reduce the risk of an impact from a critical security vulnerability.

Secure the Core-How to Protect Your Sap Landscape Against Hackers

Common misconfigurations allow an attacker to compromise your SAP system in less than 60 seconds. In this session, you will see how an attacker can infiltrate your SAP system by abusing well-known misconfigurations, understand the most common attack vectors towards your SAP landscape, and learn how you can protect yourself by using SAP security automation and alerting.

Transform Your Business With Confidence by Tackling Your Cyber Risks Using Onapsis

SAP transformations, such as S/4HANA migrations, are essential to growth, but also create and expose organizations to significant risk. To properly manage risk before, during and post-transformation, organizations should have defined cybersecurity programs to ensure proper protection of critical business data. This session will lay the foundation for proper cyber program activities and detail how The Onapsis platform provides the required capabilities to defend against risk and drive growth during transformations and will include a live demo of The Onapsis Platform.

SAP Security: 5 Challenges of the CIO

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is responsible for all IT decisions affecting the company, a task that has increased in complexity in recent years. A strong company needs a developed IT strategy to remain connected and competitive, and the complexity of these IT projects, including digital transformation, is higher than ever. In this session, we will explain the 5 most important challenges for CIOs and SAP security experts together with best practice examples. 

Cybersecurity In Transition

As cybersecurity evolves, the more complex and difficult it becomes to get a grip on it. This is mainly due to constant innovations, which involve the risk of new vulnerabilities. In this session, we will focus on the current state of the cybersecurity industry and where it is leading to.

Tales From a CISO: Lessons from a 20 Year Career

Join Onapsis Vice President of Business Application Cybersecurity, Jason Fruge, as he discusses his 20 years in cybersecurity, his CISO experiences and lessons learned.

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