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Webinar: Secure Migration Into The Cloud

Webinar: Secure Migration Into The Cloud

Onapsis and Microsoft have partnered up to provide you with the most comprehensive cloud migration security information for our joint webinar on Thursday, August 27 at 10 AM ET. While cloud migration has become one of the hottest topics we’ve encountered this year, the pitfalls and complexities surrounding it can easily become overwhelming. When migrating your business-critical applications to the cloud, security and availability are a higher priority than ever before.

Webinar speakers, Reza Mehman, Chief Innovation Officer at Onapsis, and Kiran Kumar Vejendla, Principal Cloud Solution Architect at Microsoft, bring a wealth of knowledge to this webinar. As cloud experts, they will guide you through how to ensure your migration project is secure, using security as an enabler to overcome roadblocks, action items you can take right away and so much more.

Accelerate and secure your cloud migrations without fear. Register for our webinar now!

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