We “Put Smart To Work” by Partnering With Companies like IBM Security

As IBM always says, “Put Smart To Work”. Well, I believe that putting smart to work is amplified and most efficient when done with our partner. For example, with IBM Security, we transform the cybersecurity industry by putting security where it matters most, at the core of your mission-critical applications, ensuring security is at the heart of every business. The Onapsis Platform integrates with IBM Security intelligence technology to provide customers with improved visibility and proven protection for the business-critical application layer. With IBM Security we are helping secure fortune 500 SAP environments, putting smart to work together. 

Our partnership with IBM Security expands to many aspects of IBM Security. We are part of the IBM Security App Exchange Community allowing Onapsis and IBM customers extended coverage for real-time monitoring and reporting of advanced attacks targeting SAP business systems. Onapsis partners with IBM X-Force Red to help organizations identify, prioritize, and remediate vulnerabilities exposing their most critical SAP and Oracle EBS assets. Additionally, we work together at The IBM Cyber Range to provide companies the ability to experience a real-time simulated ERP crisis as part of a greater systemic attack as would be possible in a real-world situation. This lets IBM clients build and test their teams’ response skills in realistic attack scenarios involving hacker tools, ransomware and catastrophic exploits of ERP systems. Finally, our integration with IBM QRadar extends a threat hunter’s visibility to the ERP core, traditionally a black hole for cyber threat detection and response. Subscribers of the Onapsis Platform send high-value events into the QRadar SIEM to provide contextual awareness with the full telemetry coming into the organization, improving their organizations’ cyber risk readiness.

It is through partnerships like this that we are able to work smarter to protect companies’ most critical assets, don’t take my word for it. Hear from Preston Futrell, Partner at IBM Security on the value of our partnership.

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