Video: Secure the Core

Over the past few years, there has been a 100% increase in public exploits of SAP and Oracle EBS applications, and while many organizations spend millions on perimeter security and customizing your business-critical applications, the ERP systems that run your business are still at risk. ERP cybersecurity can be a major security blind spot, as malicious attackers have recently shifted their efforts to the application layer, possibly leaving your business vulnerable to attacks. Onapsis can help to provide protection against internal and external attacks, reduce your operational attack surface, provide automated governance, continuous monitoring and actionable insight. In addition, a new IDC survey reports a troubling 64% percent of organizations have reported an ERP system breach in the past 24 months. This appears to be an issue beyond a lack of cybersecurity and application maintenance best practices. Watch our video below for more information and learn how to secure your ERP systems today.