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Video: Jason Frugé at RSA 2020

Video: Jason Frugé at RSA 2020

A former Onapsis customer during his time at Fossil, Jason Frugé knows the importance behind ERP cybersecurity. As the Vice President of Business Application Cybersecurity at Onapsis, Jason wants to help other CISOs make the same case he did before becoming a full-time evangelist at Onapsis—for improved security of your mission-critical applications and systems, even when resource-constrained. “I realized one day I had spent more money securing my printer than I was spending on SAP, and I realized I was missing the mark,” Jason shares. When Jason joined Onapsis last year, he realized that ERP applications can be much more vulnerable to attack than most people realize. “There’s something new happening in the industry, so hackers are beginning to focus on SAP… so the threat landscape is increasing.”

These are problems that need to be addressed and solved before your organization is the target of a cyberattack. Watch Jason discuss this and more about keeping your mission-critical applications secure in the video below from RSA Conference 2020!  



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