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Turnkey SAP Report: Thoughts From a Former CISO

Turnkey SAP Report: Thoughts From a Former CISO

As a former CISO, I know how resource-constrained we truly are and how difficult it can be to focus attention on the areas and systems that matter most. Many of us are opting to adjust the security priorities at our companies to focus on increasing security rigor for the most valuable mission-critical applications. 

Let’s talk about SAP. SAP is quite possibly the most vital application in your organization—it is not only used for supply chain management and inventory, but also for financials, accounting  and more. Onapsis partner Turnkey recently conducted a survey of 100 SAP customers, and an alarming number (nearly 70%!) believe that their organization lacked focus on IT security during previous SAP implementations. Many also reported a lack of confidence in their SAP environments—over 1/5th of those surveyed felt they didn't have the skills and tools required to protect their SAP applications and environments, and 64.5% said they only have "some" skills and tools.

Watch my short video below, to learn more about this Turnkey survey, and how these results can impact your business. Download the full Turnkey survey here.



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