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The world of business-critical application security is dynamic, with new developments happening on a continuous basis. Check out our blog for recommendations, insights and observations on the latest news for securing your SAP®, Oracle® and Salesforce applications.


Assess Baseline Provides Easy Entry Point for Biotech Company to Secure Their Critical SAP Applications

Learn how a CISO at a mid-size biotech company went from having a major cybersecurity blind spot around their critical SAP applications to quickly establishing a successful vulnerability management program with the help of Onapsis.

3 Vulnerability Management Challenges for SAP Applications (and How to Overcome Them)

Vulnerability management for business-critical applications like SAP can be a challenge for organizations, but with the right solution and approach, organizations can jumpstart the process and focus on protecting what matters most.

Why You Need Vulnerability Management for Business-Critical Applications: Part 1

Digital transformation projects have accelerated the digitization of business across all fronts, however, this shift has left organizations' most business-critical systems vulnerable to new risks. This blog goes over why you need vulnerability management capabilities specifically designed for your business-critical applications.
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