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See Us at Black Hat 2019!

See Us at Black Hat 2019!

Like a boxer heading to the ring or a team entering the field for the big game, hackers and security professionals alike have now entered into the arena known as Black Hat 2019. Collectively, we, as providers of solutions of all types, help keep organizations protected from every challenge hackers throw at them.

So, how does Onapsis standout in this crowd? Launching a new website with revamped branding ahead of Black Hat and having a colorful booth with engaging gamification certainly helps get us noticed,but it’s the reputation we’ve built over the years that makes the difference. I certainly spoke with many interesting security professionals on day one of the event, my raspy voice can attest to that, but there was one conversation that stood out.

“I came to see Onapsis because you are the only guys that I know of that do what you do.”

We secure the core of your business, your ERP systems, keeping your most critical business applications protected from the barrage of internal and external threats.

If you attended our session yesterday, “10KBLAZE: Public Exploits Threaten SAP Systems Around the World,” presented by Sebastian Bortnik, Onapsis Director of Research, you heard firsthand why it is so important to protect your ERP systems. Attackers know where your organization’s crown jewels are and it’s no longer a matter of if you are going to get attacked it’s when. Yesterday, Sebastian Bortnik also spoke about the 10KBLAZE exploits at the Verizon booth #138, and he is doing an encore of it again today, so make sure to stop by.

Day two is about to start! Make sure you come by the Onapsis booth #700. We’re ready to talk about how we can help you secure your ERP applications and share some of our fun swag! 

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