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SAPinsider Benchmark Survey and Results

SAPinsider Benchmark Survey and Results

With the new SAP deadline for S/4HANA adoption announced, customers have every reason to begin their research into migration to the cloud as soon as possible. While 2027 may seem far off, only a small number of SAP users surveyed (14%) are currently running a fully cloud-based ERP environment. In order to best understand the needs of SAP users and leaders, SAPinsider surveyed 182 members of their audience from 112 organizations. The goal of this study, known as the SAPinsider Benchmark Report: SAP S/4HANAin the Cloud, is to best understand the current ERP landscape customers are using, whether or not they have begun or completed their S/4HANA migration, or whether they have plans to move to a hyperscale environment. 

There are currently four SAP S/4HANA implementation options—on-premises migration, a hybrid option with some on-premises and some cloud components, an on-premises deployment of SAP S/4HANA hosted on a cloud infrastructure platform, and a fully cloud-based implementation, either on a private or public cloud. Three different groups were identified in the study, including leaders (20% of individuals surveyed), with excellent or exceptional ERP systems, industry average (52%) or laggards (28%), which are companies that are falling or have fallen behind the ERP environment standard. 

Download the full SAPinsider survey here for more information about moving to the cloud and keeping your SAP systems safe, secure and compliant.

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