Oracle EBS Remediation On Your Own Schedule

Benjamin Franklin once said that there were only two things certain in life…death and taxes. Well, if Mr. Franklin were alive today, he probably would have added a third thing, IT security vulnerabilities. Every organization has vulnerabilities. There’s no way of avoiding them, but it’s how you manage and remediate these vulnerabilities and mitigate the risk that is important to your business.

As the Chief Information Officer (CIO) of your company, mitigating risk and maintaining compliance is essential. Internal controls for security and regulatory compliance such as SOX, PCI-DSS, GDPR and others must be maintained as cyber threats and disclosure requirements can have a detrimental impact on your company’s reputation and financial performance.

When it comes to your business-critical ERP system, whether it’s SAP or Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), many of your essential business processes rely on these systems. They are the lifeblood of your business. Just minutes of downtime can cost millions of dollars and a cyberattack can expose your most important assets and financial data. The challenge is that keeping ERP systems secure and compliant is hard. These systems are so large and complex that teams often become blind to vulnerabilities and risk.

Now, you’ll probably say, but…

  1. My Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) ensures that our Oracle EBS system is protected as we have firewalls, IDS/IPS, vulnerability scanners, SIEMs and more in place.
  2. Our Chief Risk Officer (CRO) ensures that we have the proper controls in place for Oracle EBS and we are auditing against them to find vulnerabilities and identify risk.
  3. The Oracle EBS support team is configuring applications with security and compliance in mind, applying critical patch updates and remediating issues when information security and IT audit tell them to.

Well, that may be so, but…
ERP systems, like Oracle EBS, are complex and that makes them unique. To secure them requires all elements of security, including best practices for protecting every layer of the ERP system. While necessary, traditional security tools, such as SIEMs, IDS/IPS and vulnerability scanners, don’t protect the Oracle EBS tier – leaving blind spots and causing your teams to be reactive to remediating vulnerabilities and mitigating risk.

It’s time to get more proactive and do ERP system remediation on your own time. Onapsis offers a purpose-built ERP security solution that automates monitoring, protection and risk mitigation specifically for Oracle EBS, as well as SAP. By providing visibility into your blind spots, your security, IT audit and Oracle EBS teams can continually run vulnerability assessments to proactively identify critical vulnerabilities and audit violations – enabling the right teams to prioritize remediation and reduce risk.

To get started, we offer our Business Risk Illustration, a consultative security and compliance assessment. We’ll quickly install our Onapsis Security Platform, a non-invasive install, in your Oracle EBS test, development or QA environment. In a matter of minutes, we’ll have results that will show you where you are vulnerable and the severity of risk. We will put you on a more proactive path for Oracle EBS security and compliance.