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Onapsis Transport Inspection Capabilities Certified for Deployment on S/4HANA by SAP

Onapsis Transport Inspection Capabilities Certified for Deployment on S/4HANA by SAP

On the heels of our recent certification announcement of our code analysis solutions, we are happy to share that another of our capabilities has been certified by SAP. Our transport inspection capabilities joins our HANA and ABAP code analysis solutions as certified for deployment on S4/HANA. As mentioned in our previous post, this means it has passed SAP’s stringent testing process, is proven to integrate with SAP technologies and is now listed in SAP’s Certified Solutions Directory.

Onapsis Transport Inspection Capabilities Certified for Deployment on S/4HANA by SAP
(Note: even though our companies merged last year, Virtual Forge and Onapsis are still listed separately by SAP. We are working to have this fixed).

What Does Our Transport Inspection Capabilities Do? 

Transports are used to transfer SAP content from one system to another. They are an essential part of SAP change management and system maintenance, and are generally a part of day-to-day business. Unfortunately, transports can be flawed—containing issues around completeness, consistency, security and more—that can lead to outages or damage to target systems. 

Onapsis transport inspection, part of the Control package in The Onapsis Platform, mitigates this problem by checking the impact of a transport release before it is imported into a system, allowing you to identify flaws in advance. This not only saves on the costs and effort required to correct any errors but also reduces business risk, optimizes change management processes and accelerates overall application delivery.

The inspection can be built directly into existing transport management processes, including SAP Transport Management System, SAP ChaRM and many external transport management solutions, and you can automatically scan anytime someone tries to do a release or import one or multiple transports. The results, with an explanation of the error and actionable remediation guidance, will then be pulled directly into whichever previously mentioned transport management system you are using.

Other SAP Certifications

As mentioned above, transport inspection is just one of our many solutions that have been certified by SAP. You can see the full list of our SAP certifications in the SAP Certified Solutions Directory. (Note: as mentioned above, these are still separated by Onapsis and Virtual Forge branding despite our companies merging last year. We are working on having this updated).

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Transports play a critical role in the SAP change management process. Finding, fixing and preventing security, compliance and quality errors before they are released saves significant time, accelerates application delivery and supports a broader DevSecOps strategy for SAP. For more information on the role of transports in SAP security and performance, and DevSecOps for SAP in general, check out the following resources.

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