Onapsis Cares─Doubling Down

We founded Onapsis in 2009 on the core values of integrity, ownership and respect. More than a decade later, our team of more than 350 global “Onas” has become deeply invested in not only protecting the world’s largest and most important organizations from the increased threat of cyberattacks, but also in expanding these concepts to support people in need across our communities.

The OnaCares initiative was established in 2017 with the mission to inspire, improve and strengthen individuals, while supporting activities that promote positive change in our communities. Through this program, all of our Onas are given the opportunity to take a paid workday each quarter to participate in these initiatives. We have supported non-profit organizations focused on hunger, homelessness, children’s educational programs, elder care and many other charitable causes.

This year, as our organization has grown, so has our mission and responsibility to give back. The current challenges introduced by the coronavirus have only made it more clear that we needed to double down and expand the OnaCares mission. We started this year at RSA Conference, when we decided that instead of investing in mostly-useless giveaways for our booth (branded pens, spinners, mugs, etc.), we gave attendees the opportunity to choose a charity and have Onapsis donate $1 to that organization.

The Onapsis booth at RSA 2020, where visitors had the opportunity to help donate to a charity of their choosing.

Instead of walking away with a pen they didn’t need, they could help someone that really does. Today, we are expanding this concept to all our digital programs, so now when you engage with us through a webinar, demo or virtual event, Onapsis will also donate $1 to a charity of your choice.

Some of the organizations that we will be supporting this year include, The Breast Cancer Research Foundation, The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, 50Legs, Feeding America and UNICEF. Each of these organizations touches the lives of many in different ways. It is our hope and goal to inspire those around us to help us make an impact, one act of kindness at a time. I hope you can join us in our efforts to give back to those in need.

Learn more about the Onapsis Cares program and see how you can get involved.

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