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Migrate Your ERP Systems to the Cloud With Confidence

In order to move your business-critical applications to the cloud, it is essential to have visibility and control. You need insights and visibility surrounding your cloud environment throughout each stage of deployment and production in order to ensure security and compliance and benefit from the cost savings and agility of running your ERP infrastructure in the cloud. In reality, during the migration and once these systems are moved to the cloud, security, BASIS, and audit teams are often blind and unable to track or control who accesses and modifies business-critical applications built on SAP or Oracle EBS.

Cloud providers have a shared responsibility model for Infrastructure-as-a-Service deployments and they are generally responsible for the “security of the cloud.” In turn, you, as a customer, have the responsibility for “security in the cloud,” meaning the protection of users, data, platforms, applications, endpoints, and networks—including their configuration. Because your applications are no longer on-premises, your teams have likely lost access to security telemetry data from next-generation firewalls, identity access management, and web gateways. This means moving to the cloud has the potential to leave you completely blind to code vulnerabilities, drifts in configuration, internal and external threats, and privacy and compliance violations.

To learn more about Cloud with Confidence by Onapsis, which offers a security-first strategy that better prepares you for potential cyberattacks, compliance audits, code quality reviews, and change management operations, download our Solution Brief or contact us today!

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