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Meet the Ona: Zach Zager

Meet the Ona: Zach Zager


Meet Zach Zager, a member of the product management team at Onapsis. Zach coordinates Onapsis’s product data analytics efforts to build tools and processes that support our customers. He also works with our sales team to deliver exceptional experiences for prospective customers. Outside of Onapsis, Zach likes cooking, listening to music, biking and all sorts of outdoor activities. 

Describe your role. What does a typical day look like for you?
As a product manager with a focus on customer usage and configuration data, it’s my responsibility to make sure the right people have the right information about our clients. This entails running SQL queries, building dashboards, creating presentations, writing reports and scheduling meetings. Since this data is used by stakeholders across Onapsis, I get to interact with people from many different teams. Another major component of my role is defining and revising development roadmaps for my good friends in engineering. I also oversee the internal hands-on technical training, so I’m regularly chatting with new Onas and helping them onboard.

What’s one of the biggest problems your team is currently trying to solve?
One of the most exciting initiatives across Onapsis is decreasing friction for our existing and prospective customers in all areas. Security software tends to be very complicated as we need to be aware of sophisticated systems and their many vulnerabilities hackers might look to exploit. Still, ease of use is key for any product and we continue to decrease the effort required to get The Onapsis Platform up and running. I’ve been working on a cloud-hosted version of the platform that our sales team can use with prospects to quickly reveal the issues in their mission-critical applications.

What inspired you to become a Product Manager?
I got into product management because it’s an interdisciplinary field that exposes you to a lot of different people and ideas. The main role of a PM is to advocate on behalf of customers to continuously build a better solution for them. I’m a pretty empathetic person, so this role suits me well. Also, I had a software development internship in college, which made me realize I wasn’t cracked up to be an engineer.

What’s the one word you would choose to describe Onapsis, and why?
Onapsis is an extremely collaborative place. We all understand the complexity of the technologies and market dynamics that the company is built on. With this understanding comes an appreciation for being able to rely on one another to keep our customers secure. I’m always able to lean on my fellow Onas for support, feedback and motivation. The Tribe is more than just the sum of its parts.

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