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Meet the Ona: Yun Ding

Meet the Ona: Yun Ding

In our latest installment of Meet the Ona, we sat down with Yun Ding, a cybersecurity expert and Product Architect/Development Manager at Onapsis. Yun is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP), specializing in applied cryptography and has extensive experience in software architecture and software development. Using this combination of security and software development skills, Yun engineers security into software applications to protect and secure business-critical enterprise applications. 

Learn more about Yun’s role and the engineering team at Onapsis.

Describe your path to Onapsis. 

I grew up in Shanghai and worked in Singapore for a few years prior to moving to Germany. I joined Virtual Forge (acquired by Onapsis) back in 2016 as Product Owner for the Source Code Scanner for SAP HANA and Fiori applications. I currently lead a team to develop our scan engines and their integration into various development environments of our customers. Recently, we extended our programming language support to scan Salesforce Apex applications. Apart from designing and implementing the product with my team, I spent quite a lot of my time talking to prospects and key customers to understand their requirements and to guide them through the implementation of our product. With the customer needs at top of mind, I can explain to the team why we are going to implement a feature and design it in a certain way.

What is the engineering team culture like at Onapsis?

The engineering team works autonomously to understand and solve the problems of our customers. We work closely together as a tight-knit team to solve the problem rather than trying to tackle a challenge alone. We are encouraged to contribute to the product with our ideas and to be constantly learning.

What advice do you have for women interested in engineering? 

Have confidence in yourself and constantly improve your knowledge.

What do you enjoy about being a leader at Onapsis?

  • The diversity: I lead a small team with people coming from six different countries. I enjoy working in an international environment, where diversity is encouraged. With diversity, there is innovation.
  • Feeling empowered: As a leader at Onapsis I feel empowered to do meaningful work, developing innovative ideas to contribute to the success of the company. 

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