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Meet the Ona: Cecilia Rivarola

Meet the Ona: Cecilia Rivarola


We’re kicking off our new blog series called “Meet the Ona” where we introduce you to our team members across the globe. Starting the series, we have Cecilia “Cheche” Rivarola Etcheto, Talent Management Manager. Cecilia has been with the tribe for the last seven years, as the first Ona on the HR team. Cecilia is an integral part of the team, supporting Onas throughout their journey at Onapsis, from training and development opportunities to measuring employee satisfaction. Cecilia is currently based in Buenos Aires and enjoys spending her free time cycling and fishing with her husband and sons. 

How long have you been with Onapsis, and what do you do here?

Over the last seven years at Onapsis, I have held a variety of different roles. Currently, I am the Talent Management Manager. A large part of my role is working closely with Onas, from the onboarding process until the final offboarding exit meeting. This is a continuous process that involves attracting qualified candidates, ensuring a great employee onboarding experience, providing support in the performance management process, working with managers to deliver training and development opportunities, measuring employee satisfaction, planning engagement activities and conducting talent management meetings.

What do you like most about Onapsis and how would you describe the company culture for people who may be considering a role here?

The culture and the people who work at Onapsis are unique and definitely one of the best parts about working here. We work in a fast-paced and dynamic environment that makes every day look different. At Onapsis, we’re encouraged to take risks and learn from our mistakes. The environment is challenging but we’re always learning and having a lot of fun along the way. The people at Onapsis are smart, curious, humble and always willing to help. Over the last seven years, I have had the opportunity to work with many inspiring leaders and I learn something new every day.

What’s the most important thing you’ve learned at Onapsis?

Considering the company is growing and evolving constantly, I’ve learned to be adaptable, flexible, agile and resilient, and this undoubtedly has helped me to embrace and adapt to change quickly. In some cases, I have had to make decisions without having all the information, trust my instincts and take a calculated risk. I’ve learned that it's better to take small steps, move fast and ask for feedback.

Describe your team at Onapsis in three words.

Passionate - We love what we do and we are willing to go the extra mile.
Generous - We are generous with our knowledge, our time and the needs of our colleagues.
Committed - We are engaged and motivated to achieve our goals every day.

What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I like spending time with my family and friends. I have two kids, who are two and four years old and I spend as much time as I can with them. On the weekends, I enjoy being outside and in the sun fishing, riding a bicycle, listening to music or to my husband playing the guitar. I also enjoy traveling, exploring new places and experiencing new cultures and can’t wait to get back to that.

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