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Meet the Ona: Kait MacKenzie

Meet the Ona: Kait MacKenzie

We’re back with another installment of our Meet the Ona series! This time we’re meeting Kait MacKenzie, VP of RevOps at Onapsis. Kait studied entrepreneurship at Babson College and happened to get into Revenue Operations by “listening to the universe” after working for the Boston Red Sox for three seasons and landing a role working with a tech startup using Salesforce. Since then she’s been leading the RevOps and Customer Success functions at various technology startups before bringing her talents to Onapsis.


What does your role entail and how do you measure success?

My team’s responsibilities are to support the GTM team in these five categories; analysis and reporting, enablement, comp planning, programs and processes, and systems/tools such as Salesforce. These levers empower the Onapsis team to impact revenue to OVER achieve on our goals.

When measuring success, it’s all about data, impact and company revenue goal achievement. Outside of our team KPIs, I also look at the quarterly company awards as I always want a member of my team to receive an award and shoutouts on Lattice. My team’s involvement in corporate or cross-functional projects is another area I look at to measure success - this means that we are seen as a key partner to bring insight, recommendations and actions.


How do you keep your team organized?

Although staying on top of the numerous initiatives in RevOps is daunting, a tight plan and frequent communication help keep your team aligned. Quarterly planning with my team is a key way to keep everyone focused on initiatives. The day-to-day projects may change as time-sensitive challenges arise, but quarterly goals that impact revenue remain a north star. 

It’s my favorite and least favorite thing in RevOps: we’re involved in everything, and we’re  involved in EVERYTHING.


How do you build the right team?

The key to building an effective team, especially in RevOps, is finding people with the right mindset. This means finding curious people who want to learn, aren’t afraid to dig deeper to fully understand how things work and question how we are doing things to make them better. I also look for flexibility, aspirational growth, and a competitive attitude. 


What are you most excited about for this upcoming year?

First and foremost, I have an incredible team that I am so proud to work with each day. I look forward to all of the work we will deliver on this year and the positive impact those will have on the business. I also have the opportunity to be a part of some of our corporate initiatives. Seeing each of these projects go from idea to launch has been pretty amazing, a lot of work but very rewarding.  


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