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Introducing Jonathan Daly to Onapsis

As the lifeblood of organizations, business applications such as SAP and Oracle house the most critical assets and support the most mission-critical business processes; yet many of these systems remain insecure. They are the highest-cost blind spot for many Chief Information Security Officers and most organizations have trouble aligning security and applications teams to implement a solution. 

At Onapsis, our focus is to educate these global organizations on the importance of including business-critical ERP applications in their overall security and compliance strategies and to enable them to strengthen their systems. After working in software and cybersecurity marketing for over 20 years, I couldn’t be more excited to help build the future of Onapsis, as the new Vice President of Global Marketing. 

I have worked for many high-growth companies, including IntSights, Carbon Black, Core Security, Endeca and others. My experience in threat intelligence, endpoint security and business intelligence will help Onapsis grow and improve our global marketing efforts. As the VP of Marketing at IntSights Cyber Intelligence, I assisted in positioning the company as a next-generation enterprise threat intelligence leader and worked alongside sales to grow the pipeline by 400% in less than two years. As the Director of Product, Solution & Community Marketing at Carbon Black, I helped to define and launch the market for endpoint detection and response and create the threat hunting category.

I look forward to sharing market insights with you through our Onapsis blog. If you have any questions or suggestions to make for the Onapsis team, please feel free to reach out!

Jonathan Daly
Vice President of Global Marketing, Onapsis


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