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Introducing the Defender's Digest

With cyberattackers actively targeting SAP and Oracle ERP systems and more organizations experiencing breaches, the ERP cybersecurity industry is constantly changing. Staying up to date with best practices can be a struggle. Onapsis would like to introduce the Defender’s Digest, a new monthly newsletter from the Onapsis team that will bring the latest industry and company news right to your inbox every month. Each issue will include:

  • Onapsis Research Labs’ views on public breaches
  • Step-by-step guides to secure your ERP systems and remain in compliance
  • Analyses on the latest security patches from SAP and Oracle
  • Curated industry news from sources that you trust
  • How to utilize the Onapsis Security Platform for optimal ERP cybersecurity and compliance

The Onapsis Research Labs will be a major contributor of content to the newsletter, including comments from the team about the latest news-worthy breaches and how they relate to securing your ERP systems. You may recall in 2018 that the team released a detailed research report on the latest evidence of SAP and Oracle systems being targeted by cyberattackers, a guide to help you secure your SAP systems if you’re moving to S/4HANA and monthly blog re-caps of all security updates/releases from SAP and Oracle.

If you’re interested in subscribing to the Defender’s Digest Onapsis Newsletter, the first issue will be sent out in January and will include some exciting news around cloud security, a 2018 trends in security wrap-up and some additional information about where to find us throughout the year.

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