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Eliminate Your Cybersecurity Blind Spots

Eliminate Your Cybersecurity Blind Spots

ERP systems run your most business-critical applications, but the alarming reality is that these systems often fall in a cybersecurity blind spot. Managed by IT teams who are focused on performance and availability, these systems are generally out of scope, leaving your most important data and applications unprotected and at risk of both internal misuse or external attacks. This blind spot hasn’t gone unnoticed by bad actors either—the Department of Homeland Security reported a 100% increase in public exploits of SAP and Oracle EBS applications from 2015 to 2018.

Onapsis brings your ERP systems out of the dark by assessing system landscapes, application vulnerabilities and code health and providing actionable remediation guidance. Continuous monitoring and automated governance ensure your business-critical applications remain stable, secure and compliant.

Learn more about how Onapsis helps secure your core business applications in the video below.

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