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Datasheets: Continuous Compliance With Onapsis

Datasheets: Continuous Compliance With Onapsis

Your ERP systems are at the core of your business, and information stored in your mission-critical ERP applications is also heavily regulated. This results in organizations spending significant resources preparing for audits to prove that their sensitive data is indeed protected and avoid consequences of non-compliance.

Onapsis helps reduce regulatory burdens by establishing an automated and repeatable continuous compliance process for your IT controls for regulations such as SOX, GDPR and more. Eliminating manual processes frees up valuable resources to focus on other projects, and alleviates huge potential fines. 

Curious about our continuous compliance capabilities? Check out our datasheets below to learn more.

Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation Supplement

CISOs may not understand the demands of DFARS compliance, leading to contractors being barred from bidding on government contracts, lose contracts it currently has or even face civil and criminal penalties in court. Learn more in our datasheet here

Foreign Corrupt Practices Act

Strong cybersecurity thwarts the manipulation of transactions used to disguise illicit payments and other actions that can compromise compliance. Read how cybersecurity plays a role in avoiding the violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and preventive steps your organization can take.

General Data Protection Regulation

If a misconfiguration or vulnerability in the company’s mission-critical applications is targeted, a hacker could gain access to this data without using business applications or leaving an audit trail, violating GDPR. The potential fines for violating GDPR are substantial: up to €20 million or 4% of an organization’s global revenue, whichever is greater. Learn more about the General Data Protection Regulation in your organization here

Internal Control Over Financial Reporting

An unauthenticated attack targeting a misconfiguration or vulnerability in your mission-critical applications could let hackers manipulate underlying financial data without touching financial applications or leaving an audit trail, violating ICFR and SOX. Read more about Internal Control Over Financial Reporting in our datasheet now

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