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Celebrating Twelve Years with a #ResetDay

Celebrating Twelve Years with a #ResetDay

It’s hard to believe it’s been twelve years since Onapsis was founded in a small one-bedroom apartment in Buenos Aires. Over the last dozen years, Onapsis has been focused specifically on securing the business-critical applications that power the global economy. Headquartered in Boston, we also have offices in Germany and Argentina and have grown to over 400 employees helping hundreds of happy customers—including 20% of the Fortune 100—secure their critical assets.

To thank our team for the last decade, we gave our Onas a #ResetDay for some much needed R&R. We asked a few Onas how they spent their day:

Juan Pablo Perez Etchegoyen, Chief Technology Officer
“Turning 12 is a big thing for every company... That's why, at Onapsis, we are celebrating with a day off to reset! I started with some bike riding in the morning :)”


Tim Byrne, Director, Technical Account Management
“I was finally able to paint my newly constructed shed!”



Andreas Gloege, VP, North America Sales Engineering 
“After spending the day installing a few new power outlets with my son, I watched the hummingbirds, got a drink and finished off my #ResetDay with a nice bike ride to catch the sunset from my most favorite spot.”


Olga Empson, Program Manager, HR Enablement & Engagement
“I spent much needed time with my boys. We went for a walk, met a friendly herring and had some yummy Korean food!”



Kait MacKenzie, VP, Revenue Operations
“I had a great day hiking and kayaking with my dog Louie!”


Ale Pernin, Python Developer
“It was great luck that we had the day off because my cat Minerva went into labor at 3am! Here is Minerva and her three kittens.”



Mel Clark, Senior Sales Executive
​​”I spent my morning on the driving range — from having never held a golf club to now owning one. Yes, just one! It was a great stress reliever. I will definitely do it again!”



And perhaps the most exciting day of all…

Barry Snow, Senior Security Consultant
“There was zero wait time at the local DMV for a car inspection! This never happens!”


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