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Case Study: US Department of Defense

Case Study: US Department of Defense

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) approached Onapsis seeking a solution for their problem: they needed to prove that SAP® ABAP code was secure and compliant with current DOD standards. The DOD utilizes extremely strict testing and regulatory standards for the applications they use, and all software program code must be able to pass these requirements before they will grant Authority to Operate (ATO). One of the SAP software-based application systems used by the DOD, known as the Theater Enterprise-Wide Logistics System, or TEWLS, was unable to pass the tests the DOD requires to gain ATO. The TEWLS developers needed to be able to prove the security and compliance of their ABAP code, but available tools were insufficient. This is where Onapsis came in.

Onapsis code analysis was able to prove that their code was secure and compliant, and ensured that all ABAP code met their high standards of regulation, as well as cut down on manpower and costs.

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