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Case Study: Leading Automobile Manufacturer

Case Study: Leading Automobile Manufacturer

After being founded over a century ago, this automobile manufacturer grew to be one of the largest in the world. Headquartered in Michigan, this company produces vehicles in over 30 countries and ranks in the Top 25 on the Fortune 500. As a longtime SAP partner, this automobile manufacturer relies on the business-application for many of its operations.

In 2015, this company expanded its cybersecurity program to include business-critical application optimization and security technologies with the goal of further strengthening the resiliency of core business applications, including SAP. First, the cybersecurity team was tasked with auditing and taking inventory of its SAP applications within the network to ensure visibility and monitoring, and the second objective was to develop a continuous SAP application security management process.

In order to accelerate its SAP cybersecurity objectives, this automobile manufacturer partnered with Onapsis to multiply the value of application management and GRC tooling provided by SAP and other vulnerability management solutions. Read more about how Onapsis provided immediate value for this automobile manufacturer in this case study.


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