Case Study: Global Apparel Manufacturer

When organizations need security when migrating their SAP systems to the cloud, they look to Onapsis for the answer. A large international apparel manufacturer with multiple independent, in-house SAP systems around the world was looking to implement an additional system to cover new geographical regions, but this time running on the SAP HANA Enterprise Cloud (HEC). Their business relied on these systems to run their supply chain and manufacturing processes, so ensuring performance, availability and security of the new system was crucial. Throughout this transition, the manufacturer needed visibility into the SAP HEC operating environment so they could manage risk and verify that their new system was secured in line with their existing standards. 

After a careful review, the apparel manufacturer found their ideal solution in Onapsis. Onapsis provided visibility into the cloud operational environment, continuous vulnerability assessment and threat monitoring, empowering the organization to understand and manage risks for their business-critical supply chain. Read more about how Onapsis helped this organization—and can help yours, too.


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