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The world of business-critical application security is dynamic, with new developments happening on a continuous basis. Check out our blog for recommendations, insights and observations on the latest news for securing your SAP®, Oracle® and Salesforce applications.

SAP applications are widely deployed and used for critical operations worldwide by organizations in essential industries. Despite their importance, many organizations lack the proper preventative, detective, and corrective controls to secure their SAP systes, and have a reigning false sense of security provided by traditional security and compliance products. 

A successful attack on unprotected SAP applications could have far-reaching consequences. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security has issued six alerts to date about cyber attacks targeting mission-critical enterprise systems, including SAP. Onapsis Research Labs’ threat intelligence cloud has found more than 300 confirmed exploitations of unprotected SAP applications, including more than 100 hands-on attacks on organizations in less than a year. Among the compromised data included sales, HR, customer, intellectual property, and financial information. Given their importance to business operations, SAP applications need to be secured with the proper tools, processes, and teams. 

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Onapsis Research Labs Advisory: CISA Highlights SAP & Oracle vulnerabilities as Frequently Exploited Vulnerabilities in 2022

This advisory takes a long look at 2022 and offers a compelling list of the Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs) that were most frequently and consistently exploited throughout last year. Unsurprisingly, for those that have been paying attention to the Onapsis Research Labs for a while now, ERP software vulnerabilities (for Oracle and SAP) made the hot list of 42 observed, frequently exploited vulnerabilities. What might be surprising is that this is the first time that SAP and Oracle vulnerabilities have officially made this list.
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